The Walls of Isatu

Beginning @ March 29th, 2014, 10:25 pm

Hey folks! So here I am starting a new webcomic. The Walls of Isatu is the project I never expected. I just decided one day "Hey, I wonder how writing the beginning of this story in comic style would work. Maybe it'll be fun" Three chapters later I realized that clearly this project was more sustainable than I expected.

While I may have the first three chapters sketched, though, they are not yet finished. I'll start uploading after I get things inked and scanned. The style will be traditional media consisting of ink on paper. (I've discovered that if I try relying on digital, I have to be in such an exact spot with such an exact time allowance that it'll never get done.) I'll also include minimal color for effect with possible important pages in full watercolor.

For update schedule I'd rather start slow and speed up as I can later, so once I start I'll try to keep a once a week schedule.

Hope people enjoy this project. I know I will.

Note: I'm mainly using ComicFury as my base of operations and, while you can contact me here, you'll get more news and such if you follow on ComicFury. Also, ComicFury has a convenient scheduled update system so they might get pages before smackjeeves does. I'm updating here for exposure and so people with accounts only here can follow.

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